5 Netflix shows to recommend to your parents

5 Netflix shows to recommend to your parents

Dear reader, when was the last time you watched a TV show with your parents? You know,
like you did when you were a kid. I remember us watching things like The Fresh Prince of Bel
Air, Blackadder, MAS*H, Seinfeld, etc. Laughs were had, opinions formed, comments
made. It was fantastic.

But those were the nineties. Television has come a long way since then. Kids grow up,
parents get older, shows evolve. Unfortunately, the time reserved for hanging out with Mom
and Dad is now limited to Sunday lunches, holidays, birthdays and occasional random visits.
But technology does have our back and I can certainly recommend a few brilliant Netflix
shows that parents of the boomer generation may dig and find groovy.

Stranger Things

Strange pick, you’d think? Well, I believe this sci-fi horror series can be enjoyed by viewers of
all ages. Apart from its perfect blend of comedy, action and mystery, Stranger Things is set in
the eighties, so there’s that obvious boost of nostalgia. Especially for those who remember
watching The Goonies.

Based on a string of extraordinary events connected to secret government experiments,
the show kept me on the edge of my seat throughout its four seasons. The cast, particularly
the child actors, are phenomenal. Truly a terrific terrifier that (grand)parents can have fun
watching with their (grand)kids (of appropriate age). Unsparingly, the show was heavily
inspired by the writings of Stephen King, an author very popular with dads of my father’s
generation, who also happens to be a big fan of the show.

The Serpent
I could say this show too has its nostalgic moments, since it involves the seventies and Asia’s
hippy trail. My dad could definitely relate to the latter. However, The Serpent is a chilling
real-life story of a murdering con-man named Charles Sobhraj, who lured his victims by
poisoning them and pretending to cure them while robbing them blind and eventually killing
them. Not exactly a Murder She Wrote type of crime series my mom used to enjoy, but I’m
positive she’d appreciate the twists and turns this thriller has to offer.

I remember reading an article on Sobhraj before the series came out and asking my parents
if they knew anything about this sociopath from back in their day. They did not. But the
Thailand based Dutch diplomat who initiated an international investigation into the guy sure
did and watching cat-and-mouse between the two play out is super compelling.

House of Cards
I’m not sure how much your parents are into politics, but I’m confident they’re into
exceptional acting and great cinematography. House of Cards has both. The show centers
around a ruthless congressman called Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), whose lust for
power and revenge is seemingly limitless. If you stick with the show long enough, you’ll also
get to enjoy watching his cunning wife Clair (Robin Wright) take office.
House of Cards is an amazing drama. Albeit overdramatized for entertainment purposes, it
does depict the madness behind American politics, and when Spacey looks straight into the
camera to narrate, your skin will crawl and hairs will stand up. There’s also a British
miniseries from 1990 of the same title about a similarly scheming politician. It’s good. Watch

The Crown
Queen Elizabeth II. You must have heard of her. She’s the longest-reigning British monarch,
lovingly nicknamed Lilibeth by her recently deceased husband, Prince Philip. The Crown is
basically a recap of her life. It touches upon the main highlights, starting with her
Coronation, then dealing with major events, her relationships with her prime ministers,
including Churchill and Thatcher, as well as a delightful array of personal behind the scenes
stories of the British Royal Family.
Each of the four actresses who played the gradually ageing monarch gave truly breathtaking
performances. I strongly recommend this show to anyone, parents included!

Our Planet
Two words: David Attenborough. This legendary English broadcaster and natural historian
has been making heartwarming documentaries for decades. If none of the shows listed
above is your parents’ cup of tea, this one will be. The series focuses on the incredible
diversity of natural habitats around the globe, narrated by Sir David’s soothing voice. And
while on the subject, tell your folks to check out A Life on Our Planet. It’s a masterpiece with
a very sobering message.

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