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Apple TV Plus Content is Underrated

Life is highly unpredictable. That can be understood in the best and worst possible way. We all make plans that shatter and we can all receive unfathomable blessings literally overnight. For me, a rather peculiar reminder of that fact is a source I take solace in on a steadfast basis – TV shows. Whether it’s to brighten our day, force us to think, or escape the mundanity of existence altogether and enter a world we can relate to yet don’t feel responsible for, onscreen dramatization is there for us.

As an entire year of a global pandemic comes full circle, and the ‘human touch’, in every sense of the word, has been given a completely new meaning, the importance of the medium we call TV has grown exponentially. I’m a firm believer that instant quality entertainment is no longer a fun pastime but more of an obligatory necessity, an anchor for grounding our sanity. The emphasis being on quality.

Apple TV Plus: Added value or pure escapism? Both in my book!

Fortunately, technology has our backs. We no longer have to wait for an episode of our favorite weekly series to air at a certain time, praying to the Gods of Cinematics that it will be a good one. Streaming services like Apple TV Plus provide incredibly compelling series of every genre, the production value of which truly transcends mass produced series that tend to trail off or are simply mediocre to start with.

An Apple TV Plus show that makes the top cut for me is certainly the alternate history tale For All Mankind. It’s not merely a different take on how the space race could have played out, but an eye-opener in terms of the (still) badly needed reforms in gender and minority equality. Societal messages aside, the storytelling is on mark and the drama is complex. If you’re into sci-fi that’s been spiced up with a turbulent narrative, then start your countdown immediately.

Apple TV Plus Content

Another must-watch, besides the hilarious animated Central Park and the masterfully disturbing Black-Mirror-esque thriller Servent, is The Morning Show. It’s a roll-coaster of emotions with phenomenal performances by Jenifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Billy Crudup, whose morality lacking character is bound to surprise you no-end. A truly addictive show with dramatic highs and parodic lows portraying burning issues of male superiority and cutthroat competition within the television industry. Yes, I’m a sucker for inspiring, change-driving flicks, and this one hits all the right spots.

Apple TV Plus Content

While Apple TV Plus is busy expanding its assortment of exceptionally well-polished series that you can watch on a multitude of devices (hint: on your tablet in the bathtub), I would like to share with you a shower scene from a funny series that struck a very unlikely chord.

Believe it or not, a tiptop bathroom will come through for you

If you enjoy culture clash comedies as much as I do, then catching Ted Lasso on Apple TV Plus is a very safe bet for a good time. The show follows the misadventures of an American football coach who takes charge of a professional UK soccer team. As you can imagine, Lasso knows little about the sport and a landslide of shenanigans ensues. One of his initial approaches is to ask the players for locker room suggestions, like the type of towels and vending machine snacks they want. The only useful tip he receives, among a stream of insults, is a complaint about the shower water pressure.

Apple TV Plus Content

At the end of the episode, a skeptical player takes a shower and finds the water pressure to be excellent. Lasso had fixed it. And although it might not have been much, it was a very welcome surprise for a team on a losing streak. The coach made his first effort, it paid off, and things were looking up.

The moral of the shower scene is that attention to detail matters. Small gestures can make a world of difference that can turn the tide on a bad day, week, month, or soccer season. Sometimes all it takes is a hot shower for bringing order to chaos.

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