Awesome bath time activities for kids

Until the pandemic hit, I used to shun crafts with my toddler (“they do crafts all day at
school” I told myself) and could get away with coloring in and making unrecognizable shapes
with her, using store-bought playing dough.

Then schools closed and coloring-in was not going to fill the big craft-shaped void in my
daughter’s life, so I had to literally get more creative, log onto Pinterest again for inspiration,
and sharpen my tools (i.e. make more of an effort than before). I made playdough at home,
did a different craft every day, and even started Instagramming my imperfectly perfect
looking creations, while patting myself on the back with my paint-stained hand.

And then my daughter saw a video on YouTube Kids (because life is about balance after all)
about glow-in-the-dark bathwater and asked if I could do the same for her. I did it one night
and it was a glowing success. And thus began a whole new routine of bath time activities
and crafts, and so I became even more unrecognizable – I was now a crafty mom by day…
and night.

Thanks to Google, Pinterest and a bit of imagination, I started incorporating more playtime,
fun and learning into bathtime with some great activities, the most popular of which I’ve
included here.

Glow in the dark bathwater
Most kids love glow sticks, and it’s fun to pop some sticks that you can get at dollar stores
into the bath and turn off the lights. It’s the most simple way to keep them entertained and

Bowls of foam bath
You can make foam baths in different colors, and let your child have fun with bowls of
bubbles. Put bubble bath or baby wash in a bowl with water – use one part of bubbles for
about three parts of water. Add food coloring and beat with a hand mixer until the mixture is
very bubbly.

Duplo or building blocks
If your little one loves building or making tall towers, why not make bathtime construction
time? Pop the blocks in the bath, let your child build and bonus – your blocks will be cleaned

Bath paint
Paint the town (bath) red and don’t worry about cleaning up with these bath-friendly paints.
To prepare, add cornstarch to a small bowl (or jar if you want to store it for later). Mix it with
some baby wash until dissolved. Add a few drops of food coloring and stir until mixed – add
more coloring if you want it darker (one bottle of coloring can create three different shades,
plus you can mix colors too).

Have a pool party
Turn bathtime into a little beach “holiday”. Bring out the swimsuit, sunnies and hat and turn
the bathwater into sea blue using colorant. Put a bucket, spade and cups in the bath, and
bring out an ice cream cone, popsicle or watermelon slices. If you want, you can also add
some kinetic sand or make your own, mix together two cups of sand with two tablespoons
of cornflour. Add some water and a food colourant of your choice, and leave to dry for a few

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