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Make-up routine for busy moms

After almost a decade of beauty blogging, my storeroom had started to look like a Sephora so I decided to do a little clear out. This was fun, I thought, being able to spoil all my closest friends. Except when it came to the moms. Every single one of them, especially those with a child under five, proved very tricky to gift. “What? A YSL lipstick? Oh no no. Give that someone else. My kid’s going to smash it into the carpet or flush it down the toilet,” said Tam. “A sculpting palette? What am I going to do with that? I don’t even have time to shave my legs, let alone paint on some cheekbones,” scoffed Paige. Eventually, by the end of The Great Clear Out, one thing became very clear –

More than anything, my mom friends wanted more time. Or at the very least, fuss-free, hardworking products they could use in no time at all.

So, in the spirit of speed, let’s jump right in as I share my best tips in creating a superfast make-up routine that’ll suit busy moms and stressed out, deadline smashing freelancers (i.e. me) alike.

Foundation on the fly

Drop that BB Cream and allow me to introduce you to the powder foundation, the quickest way to get medium to full coverage in a flash. I’ve tried several and always keep coming back to MAC Studio Fix. Putting it on is as simple as swirling a kabuki brush into the pan and sweeping it across your forehead, nose and chin. No blending required! My top tip is to keep it light by tapping the brush to shake off any excess powder. Prefer a more high-coverage finish? Just go in for a second “coat”. To complete your perfect canvas, just apply a little concealer where you need it.

A pop of colour

The thing about powder foundation that tends to surprise “newbies” is just how much coverage you can get from a powder formulation – a lot. This is great because it can make you look flawless but it can also “flatten” out your skin. So, to bring the dimension back into your face as well as create the illusion of “well-being” (even though you’ve been up all night with a screaming baby and now feel like road kill), rely on blush. Again, the powdered format is best because it’s quick and easy to apply – just a few sweeps of a brush. It’ll also play nicely with that powdered foundation you’ve just applied.

There’s no need to get fancy and try and “sculpt” or contour anything. Just pick a color that matches your natural flush, pop it on your cheeks and BOOM, you look alive.

Speedy peepers

When you’re pressed for time, eye shadow is a luxury, so skip it and move straight to two coats of mascara. My fave is currently Lancome Hypnose Waterproof because it adds volume without clumping and simply doesn’t budge. If it can survive my super sweaty yoga class, it will persist after your three year old scratches your cornea while making a grab for your iPad. (DO NOT LAUGH. Tam, thought she was going to go blind!)

As for eyebrows, this is worth a little more time. After all, when it comes to makeovers, a li’l brow shape and fill is the one thing that makes the most improvement to any face. So, for this reason, if you’re always using a pencil or powder to color in your brows, rather invest in a home tinting kit. Personally, I tint my own eyebrows every two weeks. While I still have a few gaps, because I’ve colored them overall, I only have to fill in a little patch as opposed to draw on a full brow each day. It’s a massive time saver and the result is that you’ll always look put together.

Lips on the run

Lastly, as far as lips go, don’t mess around with lip pencil – or even lipstick! Rather just slick on a lip stain that’ll get you through half the day before you have to think about reapplying and top it off with a lip balm if you’re worried about feeling dry. I’m a huge fan of lip stain and you’ll find a nice one at The Body Shop. Better yet, it’s only $16 so, should your kid flush it down the toilet, you won’t be completely out of pocket.

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