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Top 3 mask-proof lip colors.

My top 3 long-wearing lip colors that won’t mess with your mask

You’ve heard about the Lipstick Index, right? Originally coined by an Estee Lauder bigwig, the
term refers to the fact that, during a recession, lipstick sales tend to go up. The theory is,
when times are tough, we women stop treating ourselves with expensive “luxury” items like
handbags in favor of a much more affordable spoil – lipstick.

Now you’d think that, during a pandemic that requires mask-wearing, the Lipstick Index
wouldn’t be relevant anymore. So much so that economists started to talk about a Mascara
Index, which made a lot more sense. After all, I’ve spent the last two years being
commissioned to write a seemingly endless string of pieces on how to “play up your eyes”.
The reality, however, was that sale of color cosmetics, as a whole, took a dramatic dip while
that of skincare products soared. Until now…

For the love of lipstick

According to new numbers, lipstick sales are on the rise once more! Marketers reckon that,
as more people get vaccinated, these figures will boom even further. In fact, Walmart
recently told CNN Business that lipstick is now the top performer across all segments in the
cosmetics category. Or to be more specific – “longwearing lip colors”. Open bathroom
cabinets across America and you’ll discover women now lean towards budge-proof formulas
that won’t rub off under their masks and these tend to be matte liquids.

Personally, there’s never been a lull in my love of color cosmetics. As a woman who literally
has to “show face” during multiple video meetings per day, I always want to be wearing
make-up. Especially if I’m having to chat via Zoom, the infamous “washer outer”. (Fun fact:
My aesthetic doc recently told me he owes a chunk of his income to “Zoom Face”. The
unflattering app is causing patients to flock in for tear trough filler after being horrified by
how hollow-eyed and haggard it’s made them appear.)

But let’s not get too much off track. We’re talking about lipstick. I’m still wearing it. Maybe
you’re still wearing it. But have you found your long-wearing holy grail? The one that’s going
to sit tight but won’t leave your lips feeling flaky and dry? If not, you’ll be glad to know that
I’ve got three pandemic-proof drugstore favorites and am only too happy to share.

  1. Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Crayon Lipstick
    Don’t like messing with liquid formulas? A built-in sharpener keeps this award-winning
    matte lip crayon perfectly honed for a precision application. Better yet, once your colour is
    on, it’ll stick around for up to 8 hours of smudge-proof fun. Maybelline says they owe this
    magic trick to infusing their lip crayon with “Lasting Ink technology”. I have no idea what that
    is, but it works!
  2. Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colour
    It’s an oldie but it’s still a best seller for a reason – Max Factor’s two-part liquid lip colour
    really does serve up “color that just won’t quit”. Thanks to the balm-like top coat your lips
    won’t feel like they’re going to crack and, despite adding a bit of glide, it doesn’t “liquidize”
    or “dissolve” the color so it won’t end up rubbing off against your mask.
  3. L’Oreal Infalllible Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick
    Being mask-proof is one thing, but this L’Oreal’s lippie really goes the extra mile, promising
    up to 16 hours of comfortable-feeling wear and then really walks the walk. Once it’s on,
    you’ve basically got a lip tattoo that can survive your hottest coffee cup, a three-course meal
    and falling asleep face down. Just don’t eat anything too greasy as that’s what’s required to
    take it off – an oil-based make-up remover.
    See anything you’d like to try yourself?

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