he Jogging Playlist for Avid Runners and Less Enthusiastic Athletes

The Jogging Playlist for Avid Runners and Less Enthusiastic Athletes

Summer is coming. Finally. The merry month of May has brought a fresh dose of optimism. At least into my couch potato world. Everything is in bloom, and so is my belly. I don’t know about you, dear reader, but the last few months have taken a toll on my physical fitness. I truly hope your exercise routine has been better than mine, but if not, it’s better late than never. There comes a time when even the laziest among us, myself included, must say enough is enough and get off our backsides.   

Invest in fitness by challenging yourself, they said. It’s worth it, they said.

They were right! A great way to regain your stamina, lose weight and lift your spirits is to challenge yourself. Yes, I know, the old cliché of stepping out of one’s comfort zone. But is it really a cliché? Millions of satisfied practitioners around the globe can’t be wrong. Now that I’ve taken the plunge myself, I can safely say that adopting positive habits by pushing through a little bit of pain works wonders.  

Jogging is certainly a proven method that I haven’t tried in way too long. I’ve decided to go for daily runs around the local park and a forested hill near my neighborhood, and it’s starting to show. Perhaps not on my flabby exterior just yet, but definitely on my mood. 

Pop those earphones in and rush headlong into your pain barrier!

Music is the best stimulant on the market. Everyone who has ever done anything physical with the help of background melodies will agree. Cleaning your apartment, mowing the lawn, riding your bike, or running like the wind – whatever it is, music simply makes it easier.

Which genre or artist you choose to cheer you on is, of course, a thing of personal preference. For me, it predominantly depends on my level of motivation to train, or rather lack of. You’re going to think I’m a complete weirdo, but in addition to my favorite jogging jingles, I also make up entire music videos when running. You won’t believe how empowering it is dashing through the forest to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now while imagining a bunch of interesting scenarios revolving around you.

Never be discouraged from experimenting. You’ll be surprised by what music keeps your juices pumping.

I’m a firm believer in adjusting your music to the style of running as well as external factors, like terrain and weather conditions. For a slow jog down city streets or a pedestrian lane by the river, something popish like Happy by Pharrell Williams if it’s sunny or Rain on Me by Lady Gaga if it’s, well, raining.

When you pick up the pace, especially when running on relatively flat ground and the sun is rising over the treetops, Don’t Stop Believing by Journey, Wake Up Call by Maroon 5, Salvation Jane by INXS, or New Sensation by those same Aussies will keep you moving. If it’s late afternoon, you’ve just got off work and you’re not feeling too Olympic, go for some Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones or something harder to kickstart your engine, like Feuer frei! by Rammstein, or something exceptionally funky, like Musicology by Prince or Harder, Better, Faster by Daft Punk. You got this!

Now it’s uphill. Your muscles are aching, sweat blinding you from above, and you’re about to quit… Just then, Testify by Rage Against the Machine, F.I.N.E. by Aerosmith, or Shoot to Thrill by AC/DC smacks you back on track. And as evening descends and your spirit needs a blast of encouragement, give it some Rock You Like A Hurricane by The Scorpions, 99 Problems by Jay Z or I’m Still Standing by Elton John for that final stretch.                   

Unwinding after a jogging session is essential. Do it in style. Do it right. 

Do you know what gets me up the dreadful staircase to my apartment after a good run? The thought of a nice, long shower. Or a relaxing bath. It depends on the extent of pain I’m in, really. Whichever you choose for your post-jog soak, dearest reader, I’ve got two more pointers for your springtime outdoor recreational activities: Always apply sunscreen when running and always have a dry towel waiting on your heated towel rack. 

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