Top Five Movies Which Deserve a Sequel

Dear reader, don’t you just hate it when things are over?

I’m not talking about the dreaded certainty of impermanence, but about onscreen stories which, in my opinion, desperately need a part II.

I have taken the liberty of suggesting how the following five iconic movies could have continued. Because we (I) demand to know what happens.

Forrest Gump

As you probably recall, Tom Hanks’ most notable character, driven by a warm heart and natural naivety, perseveres against all odds and does so through a sequence of fantastic circumstances. In the closing scene of this legendary movie, we see Gump wave to Forrest Jr. as he hops on the school bus, the famous white feather floating in the breeze. The end.

Imagine we got to meet Forrest Jr. again. Through his very own story. Let’s say he inherits his father’s twist of fate powers which take him on a journey that influences major events. Jenny would have been proud!

Or, alternatively, the sequel could portray a completely new life story that follows a woman this time, and her miraculous history-altering adventures. After all, who knows where that feather landed.

The Truman Show

What happens to Truman after he steps out of the reality show, which was his entire life? Well, logical deduction would suggest he never recovers from the immense shock and ends up being hospitalized. However, a more optimistic if challenging narrative might see him venture bravely into the world, where he’s forced to overcome the madness that lies in store.

How would he find employment? Would he manage to navigate through the numerous aspects of his new day-to-day life while juggling with his celebrity status attributed to him against his will? And most importantly: Would he find true love, the kind that wouldn’t be written off this time round?

These are the questions I want answered. I’m sure Jim Carrey could pull it off impeccably.

Almost Famous

I love this movie because it’s set in my favorite music period – the sixties. The story follows a child prodigy, William Miller, who gets the chance to write a piece for Rolling Stone on a fictitious rock band called Stillwater. The kid journo joins the band on tour and befriends a groupie by the name of Penny Lane. A string of cool goings-on ensues.

Like with Gump, I present you with two sequel options. The first could see an older version of Miller embark on a quest to find the last remaining true rock band in contemporary times, plagued with auto-tuning and nonsense lyrics.

Or the story could continue with Penny Lane as the main protagonist. She forms a band of her own in the 70s and shoots to stardom, then hires the talented writer herself and of course ends up falling in love with him. What do you think?

Inside Out

This superbly imaginative animation is about a young girl called Riley and her emotions (Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness) who operate her reactions to the exterior world via an internal control panel. Crazy funny stuff.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what this panel and her emotions would look like when the lass hits puberty? Inside out: Teenage Years. All the coming-of-age shenanigans. Additional emotions could also join the team, like love and irrational mood swings. It could even be followed by part three, Inside Out: Adulthood, and even part four, Inside Out: Old Age. So many wonders of the human condition left to explore here!

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Our world is in trouble. Global warming, corrupt political games, our society’s moral compass spinning out of control, etc. Check this plot idea out: The sequel to Spielberg’s 80s classic could see Earth phone the loveable E.T. at his home.

The now aging alien’s highly advanced civilization with its exceptional capacity for compassion would swoop down to help guide humanity and save our race from self-destruction. Just for laughs, the movie could include the cute alien doing a celebratory flying bike ride across the moonlit sky right at the end.

P.S. If any bigshot movie director comes across this article: You’re welcome. Also, I expect royalties.

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